Does this sound like you?

Strong Individual Contributor

You’ve been making business-grade software for at least 5 years. You work independently, but thrive in teams that mix together both conceptual and technical roles. You're probably T-shaped.

Serious Tangle-Wrangler

You’re comfortable working with stakeholders to tease out complex or ambiguous business logic. You analyze the spaghetti, untangle it, and serve it up with the right-colored sauce.

Fluent in Technology

Your background and interest in new tech make it a breeze to pick up new skills, tools, and concepts. You’re not afraid of projects that involve lasers, cyberspace, rockets, or robots.

Product-centric thinker

You understand that the only success metric is a product’s impact on users. No matter your role, words like experience and performance don’t just sound like someone else’s problem.

Are you one of these?


  • You can produce modern UX deliverables
  • You do your own art direction, visuals, and motion design
  • You (genuinely) enjoy working with Engineers
  • You understand how the things you design are built
  • You thrive on projects with frequent client collaboration

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Full-stack Engineer

  • You could build an MVP yourself, given the time
  • You know how to build and test Javascript apps and APIs
  • You (genuinely) enjoy working with Designers
  • You care about UX and precise implementation
  • You find opportunities to automate, simplify, and stabilize

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What we have to offer

A workplace run by people, not politics

The studio is located in a brightly-lit loft space, and packed with super-smart people. We work scrappy, letting small teams drive the process and get shit done together. Outside of work, we like to watch movies, sail the Sound, and belt out 90s Jams.

Life balance and professional growth

We don't "work hard" or "play hard". We’re grown-ass people who work regular-ass hours. We make time for internal projects (like Picnic!) and personal ones, too. Learning is important, so each member has an education budget to use how they want.

Interesting projects

Our projects range from traditional web apps to VR interface R&D to software for one-of-a-kind hardware products—even the occasional video game. We’ll work in any domain that doesn’t clash with our values—wherever there are weird, complex, or novel (and, of course, ethically-sound) problems to solve, we’re in.

Our main office is smack-dab in the middle of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. If you don’t live in Seattle, we’ll gladly talk about how to get you here.


  • 100% medical & dental (Premera Gold Plan) and Long-Term Disability
  • 20 days of PTO and paid holidays
  • Annual Education Budget
  • ORCA pass or parking stipend
  • 6% 401k match and annual profit sharing
  • 4 weeks paid parental leave
  • Budgeted internal and personal project time
  • Weekly lunches

Not only are we an equal-opportunity employer, but we value, cherish, and celebrate diversity of all kinds. Come as you are and let’s build some amazing shit together.

Must be authorized to work in the U.S.A.