How we operate

Weeklong Sprints

Launching in a timely window requires a steady thrum of output. For this, we stick to a weeklong sprint schedule: it’s long enough to build out substantial product components, short enough to avoid waste.

Friday Releases

Our clients know what’s getting done when they review our Friday Releases. Rather than review a mere representation, what’s being reviewed is almost always the product itself—week after week—until it’s done.

Blended teams

Our engineers care about user experience, and our designers like to sweat the technical details. This overlap allows for products to be built without no gaps in communication, no without hand-offs—everyone is accountable.

All Mediums

Since opening our doors we’ve worked on custom hardware products, games, tools, mobile and desktop apps, VR and AR experiences, and (of course) the world-wide web. We don’t really have a preferred medium—if it’s software, we do it.

Any Domain

Every project is an opportunity to become experts in a new industry. As generalists, it’s one of the reasons we love working for other people. Whether the subject matter is archaic or emerging, we take pride in learning it through and through.


We’re not a specialty shop. As with a medium or domain, we don’t let our personal preferences get in the way of selecting the most appropriate tool for the experience and the team that will be supporting and improving it for years to come.

Our people

David Graunke


Steven Guichard


Matt Wolfe


Justin Smith


Kris Morgan


Tiffany Ta


Sam Tran


Vanessa Knudson


Cameron Guthrie