Featured Projects

Picnic: Designing a Tool for Collaboration

Picnic allows multiple users to open and work on the same Sketch file, at the same time. The plugin breaks Sketch files down and syncs them over Dropbox, enabling simultaneous, real-time collaboration.

Data Pipelines for Building Management

Through our partnership with TAG we laid the infrastructure for a cloud-based tool capable of facilitating the construction and financial management of a multi-billion-dollar building project.

Keeping an Eye on Impacts: i1 Biometrics

In 2014 we helped i1 Biometrics prove out their concept to investors, acquire Series B funding, and deliver an end-to-end software experience and a platform for market research and testing.

Breathing New Life into Brooks Running

We helped build a smart sculpture for the lobby of Brooks Running’s new Seattle headquarters, made from dozens of mechanical flowers that reflect the environmental performance of the building.

Overlapping Realities with Terra Farma

For our Winter Open House this year, we decided to make something that connects players existing in three slightly different versions of reality.

The Evolution of App Design

The leap into designing for Virtual Reality is as much mental as it is technological. This is the first post in a series that explores key discoveries we’ve made in the last year, working with HTC.

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Your App is Now a World

When you build for VR, you’re inviting users into the narrative of your world, and the responsibility to codify, develop, and establish that world is on you.

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When Everything is Magic Nothing is Magic, and Everything is Terrifying

VR can be magical, but evoking a sense of wonder in our users means we must adhere to strict rules when applying magic in our worlds.

Going from Zero to World with Story

Leveraging the power of story during the early stages of your project can turn an otherwise muddled, boring, or confusing VR experience into something worth sharing.

Picnic Sync Battle!

A quick Picnic update on syncing speeds using Rsync, Dropbox and Resilio. 

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Remembering Lunch: an IoT Love Story

For this experiment, we wanted to use technology to solve a problem that we encounter in our own lives: forgetting to bring lunch to work.

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Frontend Functional Programming with Purescript and Elm

A comparison and evaluation of the Elm and Purescript languages, for their use in front-end graphics scripting.

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The Sleep Problem: Waking up to New Solutions

Which technologies might improve our sleeping habits in the present and near future?

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Mesh Networks & Earthquakes

How might we use affordable, publicly-available technologies to maintain the lines of communication during a natural disaster situation?

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Building a Spreadsheet in 20 Minutes with Angular.js

Angular makes it incredibly easy to bind model data to your HTML, and to propagate changes to your view. This, it turns out, makes developing something like a spreadsheet pretty straightforward.

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Brave New World

Way back in 2015, out of sheer whimsy, we decided to allocate several weeks to tinkering with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. This post summarizes our findings during that time.

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Using Pattern Matching to Build a Small Lazy Language in Racket

A few months ago I was looking for a new side project, and I ended up building a very small compiler and runtime for a lazily-evaluated language.