Picnic Sync Battle!

Article Written by Tiffany Ta

Picnic is a plugin that we developed to allow small teams to collaborate in a single Sketch file. It replaces your Pages panel with a super-powered collaborative version. Sign up for more info at picnic.design.

We thought you all would love an update, so here’s a juicy one. Here are three unedited Picnic videos of syncing times. Times are dependent on your file sharing system and connection. We tested three systems: Rsync, Resilio, and Dropbox. Want to know more about the file structure? Check out Picnics are better with friends to read about why we made Picnic and how it works. 

A big thing to note: we’re not trying to make this a real-time collaborative plugin, however we are focusing on sync times because shorter gaps reduce the potential for outdated information, which can lead to confusion.


Rsync is a Unix file synchronization tool and has been the most efficient at syncing files. If you have a local server, the speed of sync will be similar to this.  


Resilio is a peer-to-peer sharing platform. We saw sync speeds of around 10 seconds. 


You know what Dropbox is, right? Dropbox clocked in at around 10 seconds.

Obviously no one really designs this way—side by side and on the same artboard but this is great way to show syncing speeds. This is also a pretty lightweight file, we're ramping up to take on bigger files. Our dev, Adam, is still working super hard on making this as snappy as possible!

Stay tuned for more updates 🍑 🌽 🍔 🍎